Engineered Woods The Future of Wood Flooring? at N&S Flooring Bristol Limited.

With valuable wood resources and production costs at an all time high, quality engineered wood flooring products are becoming the staple first choice of a growing number of our clients, Offering the stability and peace of mind of a multi-layered central core with the wearing properties of a solid wood wearing layer (often referred to as a veneer) the wearing layers can vary between 2 to 6mm in thickness and are available in endless species and format combinations, with single plank, two and three strip options. In finishes such as Oak, Beech, Maple,  Walnut, Jatoba & Merbau.

The crossed layers counteract the natural movements of the timber, and varying the direction of the grain, throughout various layers, provides a more durable surface, that is more tolerant to changes in humidity in the indoor climate.

Engineered wood flooring is also more environmentally-friendly than solid wood flooring, as fast-growing wood species like pine are used for the intermediate layer, with a solid hardwood top layer, reducing the amount of valuable hardwood that would be needed for a solid timber floor.

Engineered timber floors produced by responsible manufacturers such as Kahrs, Boen, Elka, Quickstep, and Junkers are produced using ethically certified forestry processes.

High-quality engineered floors can be sanded three to four times over the lifetime of the floor, just like a solid wood floor.

Other benefits include the options to install Engineered floors over a under-floor heating system, (an option not normally available with solid wood floors)  plus the option to install these products over a variety of underlay systems with thermal insulation and noise reduction properties. (when installing as a floating type installation)

When opting for the thicker products 18mm and above they can be laid as a floating type installation and or secret nailed over timber bases or fully adhered over concrete bases for a firmer feeling underfoot.

Engineered timber floors produced by responsible manufacturers such as Kahrs, Boen, Elka, Quickstep, and Junkers are produced using ethical certified forestry processes.

Typically the thinner products from 12-15mm in overall thickness tend to feature a locking joint system of sorts based on the uni-lin locking system or a version of the same principal.

These products are normally laid as a floating type installation but can be fully adhered for those looking for a firm feel under-foot.
The thicker products 18mm-22mm normally have a traditional tongue and groove glue type joint offering the possibility of secret nailing, installing as a fully adhered system or a floating installation over an underlay.

In short the new generation of engineered wooden floors have the ability to offer all of the advantages of a real solid wood floor, without the temperamental nature and associated issues that come with an all solid wood flooring product.

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Engineered Wood Flooring, The Future of Wooden Flooring? by N&S Flooring Bristol Ltd.