Forbo UK Flooring Supplier Bristol: N&S Flooring Limited.

Forbo Flooring products have long been at the forefront of the flooring industry, with key acquisitions of other major flooring brands such as tessera carpet tiles & coral barrier matting systems, along with its own long standing portfolio of commercial, contract and domestic flooring products, Forbo sets the standards for other suppliers to follow, key products from the new portfolio of flooring products include the ever popular Marmoleum Sheet Linoleum and Marmoleum Modular Tiles, Forbo Safestep Slip Resistant Vinyl Flooring, Tessera Teviot Carpet Tiles, Coral Classic, Coral Brush & Coral Duo Barrier Matting, & Nuway Primary Barrier Matting. N&S Flooring Bristol have been supplying and installing (if Required) Forbo Flooring products since 1967, with key features of a trusted brand name, product warranties, new product development and product innovation, Forbo are a key partner supplier for N&S Flooring Bristol Limited. Now with a full product portfolio Forbo Ltd are one of the only commercial flooring suppliers & manufacturers that are able to offer a solution for every area of your new refurbishment project or new build product, covering all sectors for schools, education, healthcare, hospitals, leisure, and the private sector, offices and industrial flooring requirements, from Primary & Secondary Barrier Matting systems, To Carpet & Carpet Tiles, to Slip Resistant Vinyl Smooth Vinyl & Linoleum. Forbo products feature Green credentials and an environmentally sound approach to manufacture through research and development and the use of sustainable green materials. N&S Flooring Bristol are the Forbo Flooring Experts able to help with your project specification process, designing a complete flooring solution for your new build or refurbishment scheme, Call the friendly N&S Flooring Team Today with your Forbo Flooring UK Requirements 01179661541

Forbo UK Flooring Supplier Bristol: N&S Flooring Limited